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MASERs allow signals at microwave frequencies (0.1-100 GHz) to be amplified with unparalleled low electronic noise, allowing applications both as a receiver for deep-space communication, radar and medical imaging, and as a frequency standard for atomic clocks.
Microscopy device with green light in lab setting
A novel approach to using mirrors for specimen observation and analysis using microscopy.
A novel gene therapy for Huntington’s Disease that leverage zinc finger protein technology.
A new method to change the state of individual magnetic nanoparticles within a dense array using a low cost, low-power laser for data storage technology and potential application in neuromorphic ‘in-memory’ computing.
The invention A suite of novel zinc carbonic anhydrase (CA) mimics have been developed, based upon the structure of the previously published mimic ZnL1S. By changing the atoms within the ligand structure i.e. from nitrogens to sulfurs, and with various arrangements of the same or different ligands around the central metal, and thereby mimicking more […]
The invention A functional catalytic material that selectively oxidises organic molecules utilising molecular oxygen from the air is presented. The materials allow for heterogeneous reactions of molecules of interest within a liquid or in the gas phase with high yield and selectivity under mild conditions. Selective oxidation catalyst: Oxidation of bulk chemicals on a large […]
A novel nacre-like fibre coating and application method that can improve the mechanical qualities of high performance composites, enabling lightweight nanocomposites with high strength, stiffness and toughness.
A novel, high efficiency low pressure ratio turbine developed by engineers at Imperial College London to capture a significant portion of residual exhaust energy with negligible effect on engine base performance.
Novel chemical additives that reduce the fluid film friction of lubricated mechanical components under elastohydrodynamic conditions

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Licensing and IP performance 2019/20

Inventions disclosed

Imperial inventors submitted 250 invention disclosures to our IPC team during the year

Active licences

Imperial College London's licensing portfolio comprises 244 licences

Patents filed

Imperial filed 137 patents (including PCT applications) during the year

Patent portfolio

Imperial's patent portfolio reached 331 patents during the year

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Accelerated development of a potential treatment for cystic fibrosis

Accelerated development of a potential treatment for cystic fibrosis

The UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium (GTC) is one of the partners in a licensing agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim. Find out more

Natural Killer – licensing a cell therapy

Natural Killer – licensing a cell therapy

Imperial has licensed iNKT cell technology based on research by Prof. Tassos Karadimitris to SUDA Pharmaceuticals. Find out more

Imperial partner Apollo receives £100m to boost medical research at leading unis

Imperial partner Apollo receives £100m to boost medical research at leading unis

Imperial will benefit from continued support for translational biomedical research under a unique technology transfer model. Find out more