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Catch up: Resilient infrastructure

Imperial.Tech.Pitch: Infrastructure resilience brought together inventors from Imperial to present their technology solutions to improve and enhance infrastructure around the world, from sensing and systems security through to carbon neutral concrete, corrosion prevention and design thinking innovations. 

Seismic Metamaterials

Seismic Metamaterials

Proposed use Ground vibration has an impact upon the structural integrity of buildings and structures. Our invention can cloak a building from any small tremors and is particularly effective with low, continuous, droning vibrations such as rail or tram lines and...

SmartFlap: 9% lower fuel costs for trucks from enhanced drag reduction

SmartFlap: 9% lower fuel costs for trucks from enhanced drag reduction

The SmartFlap technology provides possibly the best yet solution to reducing drag caused by the turbulent wake at the back of a truck. It uses actively controlled flaps of similar size those of currently available systems, which operate at a slow speed over a narrow range of movement, delivering fuel savings of up to 9%. The demonstrated drag reduction and potentially low cost of the system make it a cost effective investment for truck operators. Also, the size of the flaps and ease of installation ensure that they will be robust and unobstrusive for loading operations as well as on the road.

Luis Gomez Sarosi

Luis Gomez Sarosi

Dr Luis Gomez Sarosi is Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Officer for the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London.

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