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Edmond Yau

Edmond Yau

Edmond joined Imperial in February 2022 as an Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Executive. He primarily takes care of IP and licensing cases from the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Prior to joining Imperial, Edmond worked in Royal College of Art as...

Metal complexes for promoting growth in a photosynthetic organism

Metal complexes for promoting growth in a photosynthetic organism

The invention A suite of novel zinc carbonic anhydrase (CA) mimics have been developed, based upon the structure of the previously published mimic ZnL1S. By changing the atoms within the ligand structure i.e. from nitrogens to sulfurs, and with various arrangements of...

Catch up: Transition to zero pollution

Imperial.Tech.Pitch: Transition to zero pollution saw researchers and inventors from Imperial showcase their technologies and innovations that are helping companies and sectors to transition to a zero pollution future.

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