Mei Chong

Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Officer, Natural Sciences

Mei is an Industry Partnership and Commercialisation Officer in the Natural Sciences team providing support for the evaluation of new inventions, protection of IP, developing industry partnership opportunities and licensing technologies arising from the University.

Prior to joining Imperial Enterprise, Mei worked as a Grant Scheme Manager at the Royal Society where she managed a portfolio of industry and international grants. This followed a postdoctoral appointment at King’s College London, developing advanced spectroscopic techniques for measuring cardiac diseases.
She has a PhD from the University of Birmingham Institute of Cancer Research, which has given her experience of working on translational research with the industry. She also has a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Melbourne, and an MSc in Advanced Spectroscopy from the University of Leipzig.

Mei's portfolio

Partial Covariance 2D Mass Spectrometry

Partial Covariance 2D Mass Spectrometry

A software package to uncover “hidden” structurally relevant signals that are below the ad hoc intensity thresholds in conventional MS. Find out more

MOFsoft: software modelling for optimal MOF fabrication

MOFsoft: software modelling for optimal MOF fabrication

Our model solves an important inverse design problem in Microstructured Optical Fibre (MOF) fabrication: how to find the initial preform shape and the manufacturing parameters required for the desired final cross-plane geometry. Find out more

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